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1. à la fin…

This film is not a commissioned work, it's neither fiction nor animation, the graphic style is rather singular. It's a moment of introspection, very intimate, staged through a succession of small moments imbued with poetry, absurdity and sometimes surrealism... It's a very personal work of inspiration where I used green screen stock footages that I diverted according to my ideas, desires and moods of the moment. There is then a real transformation work in post production with the addition of various elements in 3D, drawing frame by frame and photographic cutting. So it's a mix of techniques that comes close to a collage work.

Director Biography - Nicolas Lichtle

Nicolas Lichtle, is a senior motion designer, working in the fields of museography, documentary and animated typography at studio Mada Mada.

2. Beautiful

A teenage girl undergoes a transformative growth as she witnesses her mother's fight against breast cancer.

Director Biography - Mulan Fu

Mulan is an award-winning Chinese director, animator, and illustrator currently based in New York City. She has recently graduated from the Film and Television major at New York University Tisch School of the Arts and is currently pursuing a master's degree in educational game design at Teachers College Columbia University.

3. The Dead Hands of Dublin

The film tells the story of Sidney, a failed pianist who comes into the possession of a pair of enchanted gloves. Upon wearing them he soon finds himself playing the piano like a maestro and all his dreams are quickly realised! However just when he thinks he has everything he has ever wanted fate deals him a cruel hand...

Director Biography - Leo Crowley

Leo Crowley is a writer and creative at Pink Kong Studios. Writer/ director of “The Dead Hands of Dublin” (2020) this is Leos first time directing an animated short film for Cinematic release.

Leo is the studios second director, working on commercial projects as well as writing on Pink Kong Studios own concepts. Leo was the co-writer and assistant director of Pink Kong Studios TV series Urban Tails (2019). Leo has a background in animation having received a first in a BA Animation degree from the Irish School of animation (Ballyfermot).

4. Forest

‘Forest’ is an experimental short film rendered using real-time graphics. Through contrasting a vibrant virtual paradise with a dark reality, the film reflects upon humanity’s ignorance of their destructive nature on earth; the innocence of youth and the indifference of adulthood.

Director - Dermott Burns

Dermot is a Student Director from Dungannon 

5. Living in a free fall

"Living is a horizontal fall" said Jean Cocteau. The life of Raki, his wife Sibi, then their daughter Eryl is its vertical transposition in a dreamlike and metaphorical animation, where a decaying Earth can be a source of dangerous obstacles or a safe haven in danger.

Director Biography - Karleener

Karleener (the name of a neighborhood in Prague where he often lives) is the artist's name of a Professor at the University of Burgundy, Johel Mitéran, specializing in digital image processing, and author-photographer - director. He has made several exhibitions (abstraction and figurative) in abstract photography (glass and light), in Dijon, Flavigny-sur-Ozerain, Prague, Paris and Cesky Krumlov. Borrowing from painting, drawing and photography, he is currently working on projects related to movement, dance and sometimes surrealism. He directed L'accompagnante (The accompanying dancer), first short film in collaboration with the Ateliers du Cinéma in Beaune, founded by C. Lelouch, in 2017, Flamboyantes (Blazing) in 2018, and La mouche de Bronze (The bronze fly) in 2019.

6. Looking For Freedom

A bird, weary of being trapped in a cage, finds the will to fight her oppressor to reach freedom for her and others sakes.

Director Biography - Aurelie GAUTHIER

Aurélie is French but lives in Dublin, Ireland. She travelled the world and her well is full of stories that she’s ready to tell. After many years of working in different industries, Aurélie started working in animation. First, as a script coordinator on the Disney TV series “Space Chickens in Space”, then as a Production Manager on the TV series “Urban Tails”. She's currently working at Cartoon Saloon. “Looking For Freedom” is her first animated short film.

7. RenaiDance

“RenaiDance” is a 3D narrative emotional animation. The theme invigorates cultural inheritance and the integration of dreams, courage, and culture as transformation. By artistically interpreting a motif of inheritance and family support, integrating different cultures“inheritance” through the inspiring story, this film braces strong family love and elder culture in a never-ending chain.

Director Biography - Zhike Yang, Wenjie Wu, Han Chen Chang

Zhike Yang, also known as Keke, is a NYC based story artist who focuses on visual storytelling and concept development. Her work aims to create positive examples of relationships in stories, digging for feelings our soul desires to tell. If growing heart-touching stories for the audience with various cultural backgrounds is the journey, the memories, supports, and morals hiding in our adventure would be the real treasures.

8. Sunday's Child

Boy is awoken in the middle of the night, following an entity that may be connected to a group missing kids.

Director - Philip Shanahan

"Sunday's Child" was a labour of love and we can't wait to see what you make of our short and we'd be delighted to see it off to your fantastic festival!

Go raibh míle maith agat

9. Tango Sparks

Two lonely people wait at the edge of a dance floor. Can the siren call of the tango help them overcome their reserve?

Director Biography - Maureen Zent

Maureen Zent is a filmmaker and writer in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Her animated shorts include Yank Tug Yank, Oulipo’s Cave, Bostle Sleench, Job 1, and Good Golly Mollies. Her stories explore the way conflicting desires create great challenges. Her animation has screened at Athens Animfest, Brasil Stop Motion, Lebanese Independent Film Festival, ASIFA-South Festival, KuanDu International Animation Festival, and more. She has served as a juror for the Florida Animation Festival.

10. The Voyage

Animation, Music Video, Short, 3 minutes 14 seconds

Jessica Patterson - Director


11. Barbell Snatch

The Barbell Snatch is an Olympic-style weight lifting move, which many people think of as just a big man lifting a big thing in the air. But I think of it as a combination of beauty and explosive power. A true test of raw strength, where an athlete lifts the heaviest weight possible, sometimes three times their own body weight, off the ground and above their head in one movement. If done correctly, the athlete receives three weight circles, letting them know they have done it.

Project Type: Experimental, Short, Student
Runtime: 1 minute 20 seconds
Completion Date: May 31, 2020


Matthew B. W. Sheehan - Director

Matthew Sheehan is an animation director from Encino, USA

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