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Sunday 2.45pm  -  Courthouse

The in-house reaction so far to our Short Fiction / Experimental section is BEST YEAR YET ! Remember, THIS IS A FREE EVENT; we ask that you enter the auditorium only in between the shorts.

1. Flicker 

‘Flicker’ is a portrait of Danny (Peter Newington), a typical twenty-something Dubliner, who gets assaulted one night in a city centre nightclub. Escaping the incident with only minor injuries, Danny throws himself back into his old routine: early-morning classes, five-a-side football, late nights on the sesh with the lads.
Pretty soon, however, Danny begins to realise that the assault has affected him in ways he hadn't anticipated.

Project Type: Short Fiction/Experimental
Runtime: 20 minutes
Completion Date: January 15, 2020

Director Biography - Nathan Fagan, Luke Daly

Luna is the directing duo of award-winning Irish filmmakers Luke Daly and Nathan Fagan.

Whether directing short films, commercials, or music videos, our goal remains the same. We want to tell arresting stories, grounded in realism, with a focus on under-explored themes and characters. Since beginning our collaboration, we’ve worked with some of the country’s most recognisable names, brands and artists.

2. In The Room


Project Type: Short Fiction/Experimental
Runtime: 6.34
Completion Date: April 29, 2021


Director Biography - Jonathan Hughes

Jonathan Hughes is a writer and director based in Limerick City. For his writing, Jonathan has been awarded numerous prizes and funding awards from institutions including Screen Ireland, RTE, Galway Film Centre, Filmbase, Virgin Media Dublin Film Festival, Clones Film Festival and Waterford Film Festival. His films have screened at festivals worldwide.


3. My Story

A group of actors are cast in a film about sexual harassment and gender stereotypes in the field of the performing arts. During the shoot the stories they tell begin to stir up their own painful memories. A story written and directed by women based on verbatim testimonies of women.

Project Type: Short Fiction/Experimental
Runtime: 11 minutes 9 seconds
Completion Date: June 15, 2021

Director Biography - Elena Alonefti, Magdalena Zira

Elena was born in the occupied city of Famagusta, Cyprus, one of the “ghost” cities of the world. She worked as a film producer, director and editor in the US and Cyprus, in television, advertising, and production for more than 30 years.

Magdalena Zira is a theatre director based in Cyprus, and a scholar of the reception of Greek drama. She has directed over thirty theatre productions in Cyprus and abroad.


4. We Don’t Choose How

A homeless artist struggles with a tragic loss, and uses his talent to overcome his grief. Homeless artists Jenny and James survive day to day in their tent, living off money collected from street art. When James is confronted with a sudden, life altering event, he must choose how best to move forward given his circumstance, and overcome his loss by finding solace and meaning in art.

Project Type: Short Fiction/Experimental
Runtime: 12 minutes 18 seconds
Completion Date: March 14, 2020

Director Biography - Natasha Waugh

Natasha Waugh co-founded Fight Back Films in 2013, and has directed numerous short films, and various commercial work. Her films have gone on to success on the festival circuit, winning multiple awards and nominations along the way.

5. Ruthless

In 1970’s Northern Ireland, a young boy, bereft of his mother, defies his father to get the Glam Rock album he so desperately wants. It’s Belfast - early 70’s… BOOM! Something’s in the air and it’s not a bomb, it’s a revolution. Glam Rock is drowning out the noise of armoured cars. As British soldiers patrol the streets, kids are glued to Top Of The Pops, entranced by Marc Bolan, the androgynous, satin-clad, glitter-god.

In a high-rise flat lives a recently bereaved father and his ten-year-old son PJ, who is desperate to get his hands on the new T. Rex album Electric Warrior. The problem is he’s skint and his Da is on the dole. PJ comes up with a cunning plan to get the dough, involving a sock, a prosthetic leg and a pawnbroker.

Ruthless is a humorous, heartwarming story of how a prosthetic leg and a T. Rex album become the conduit for overcoming grief.

Project Type: Short Fiction/Experimental
Runtime: 13 minutes 8 seconds
Completion Date: March 17, 2021

Director Biography - Matthew McGuigan

Matthew is a director from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Having directed films for Northern Ireland Screen and the BFI, Matthew’s work is characterised by strong performances and visual flair. His work has screened at BAFTA, the Oscar Qualifying Galway and Cork Film Festivals, among others. 'Limbo’ was nominated for the Juror award for Best Short Film at Seattle’s NFFTY film festival.

6. The Strangers’ Case 

An actor stumbles upon an abandoned theatre in the midst of a global pandemic.

Project Type: Short Fiction/Experimental
Runtime: 6:03
Completion Date: January 15, 2020


Director Biography - Ruth Goodwin


Ruth Goodwin is an actor and Founding Artist of the critically acclaimed theatre collective, The Howland Company. 'The Strangers’ Case' marks her directorial debut. Ruth performs regularly on stage and screen and can be seen most frequently in the series regular role of Danica Powers on Global TV’s 'Private Eyes'.


7. The Invisible Boy

When a young girl goes missing in a small town, a troubled fisherman is forced to confront the past that destroyed his family.

Project Type: Short Fiction/Experimental
Runtime: 20 minutes
Completion Date: May 1, 2020



Director Biography - James Fitzgerald


James is an emerging multi award winning director from Ireland bringing a wonderfully intriguing take on the world. His work is characterised by a strong art direction blended with
strong performances. Fascinated by the work of Steven Spielberg and Stan Winston, James’ love for practical visual effects was the beginning of his journey into filmmaking

8. Barry

Susan is trying to enjoy a spot of gardening when her neighbour’s maddening dog destroys the peace.


Project Type: Short Fiction/Experimental
Runtime: 4 minutes 30 seconds
Completion Date: August 31, 2020



Director Biography - John Robert Brown

John is an Irish writer/director/editor based in London. His most recent short film, YOUNG MOTHER, premiered at the 64th Cork Film Festival as well as playing at Dublin Film Festival and at Palm Springs Shortfest.





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