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Sunday 5.30 pm  -  Courthouse

Do we crack jokes about Tom n'Jerry every year? Well, in in these PC days neither Thomas or Gerald will be shown this year. Only fabulous NEW animations on offer here.

1. Circle in a Square

‘In a grey and dull world, Stan Pavlova still believes there is colour and wonder to be found.

Project Type: Short Animation
Runtime: 4.20
Completion Date: May 6, 2021


Director Biography - Cillian Grant


Cillian Grant is a graduate of BCFE 2021 who has experience directing, compositing and managing the animation pipeline.



It is the year 2099, and humans, after discovering alien life, have travelled the distant stars. In their search for purpose they made a pitstop and terraformed the planet Gloopen Dwip into an exact replica of the gated communities from Sydney, Australia. We peer into the life of an antagonistic boy called Steven Oildrum, and learn about what life is like for human youth in distant suburbia.

Project Type: Short Animation
Runtime: 5.56
Completion Date: September 30, 2020


Director Biography - Juune Lee, Thibaud Kessell

Timothy Lee, going under the moniker, Juune李 (Lee) is an emerging artist/designer based in Sydney. He works in both 2d and 3d animation styles as well as projection mapping.

Thibaud Kessell is a Sydney based freelance musician and artist. He produces and performs piano, drums and electronics within various settings.

3. A Daily Struggle

A young girl tries to do her maths homework by herself. The words seem to jungle up on the page and she cannot understand what to do. It is only until she gives up on trying to do it by herself and asks her father for help that she can solve the question.

Project Type: Short Animation
Runtime: 2.10
Completion Date: May 10, 2021


Director Biography - Kate Stanley



4. Home remedy

Bored during a global pandemic, 10-year-old Pat struggles to entertain himself when suddenly an ad pops up on his tablet, offering him the "cure" to his problems: a free quarantine friend.

Project Type: Short Animation
Runtime: 2.24
Completion Date: July 23, 2021


Director Biography - Santiago Zorrilla Medina Luna



Witness an ancient shamanic ritual from the outer realms of time and space.

Project Type: Short Animation
Runtime: 19.19
Completion Date: August 19, 2021


Director Biography - Kipp T. Jarden

My name is Kipp T. Jarden, the founder of KTJ Studios. Born in Rhode Island and raised in Nyack, New York, I am a Savannah College of Art & Design graduate with a BFA in Animation and strong backgrounds in drawing and music.

6. Da Humbug

A heartwarming tale about a grumpy old man who dislikes Christmas but receives an unexpected gift that opens his eyes to the true importance of the festive period.

Project Type: Short Animation
Runtime: 19.19
Completion Date: August 19, 2021


Director Biography - Johnny Schumann

Johnny is Flickerpix’s Creative Director, overseeing all creative and development aspects of Flickerpix Animations including producing, writing, art direction and animation supervision. Johnny’s credits include the multi award winning short film animation ‘Macropolis’, BBC NI animated series ‘On The Air’ and the animated series for BBC NI ‘Citizens’. Johnny was the Principle Character Designer and Animator on the animated series for CBBC ‘Zig & Zag’.

7. Herstory: Mary Elmes

The story of Irishwoman Mary Elmes who risked her life to save hundreds of children during World War 2.

Project Type: Short Animation
Runtime: 2.07
Completion Date: January 24, 2020


Director Biography - Ben O'Connor


8. Final Deathtination

A suicidal man encounters Death who is a "travel agent" to find the best place to die and goes on a world tour.


Project Type: Short Animation
Runtime: 2.05
Completion Date: May 3, 2021


Director Biography - Marika Tamura

Marika Tamura was born in Yokohama City, Japan in 1998. She received a BFA from Ringling College of Art and Design with a major in Computer Animation in 2021.


9. Page's Edge

A schoolboy's drawing comes to life! It does not take long until the drawn man grows a disdain to its blank and bland environment. After spotting a potentially exciting and luscious location beyond the PAGE'S EDGE, the drawn man must get to it through sheer will and effort. Through its attempts, the drawn man butts heads with its very own creator, however the creator begins to pity the drawn man and attempts to help it reach its goal. Once the drawn man reaches the other location, it discovers it is not physically able to enter it. The creator, after seeing the dismay of the drawn man, decides to do what little they can to help give the drawn man an exciting spot to reside.

Project Type: Short Animation
Runtime: 4.53
Completion Date: June 1, 2021


Director Biography - Isaac Camilleri

Isaac Camilleri is live-action and animation director based in Cardiff and Bristol, UK. After discovering a passion for live-action production during his second year of studying animation in university, he decided to try and marry his interests of both the live-action and animation mediums; either as solo projects or even hybridisation.

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