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We run competitions in three categories;

  • Best Short Documentary,
  • Best Short Fiction/Experimental, and
  • Best Short Animation  

The maximum length for competition shorts is 20 Minutes

What do we need from you?

There is a submission fee of €10/$15. This fee must be paid via Film Freeway

Submit to Our Short Film Competition Via Film Freeway

A simple process. click the button, follow the directions.... there's a big Green "Submit Now" button on the right hand side of the site

Judging - How it works

There are three phases to the Short Film Competitions.

  • Submission: You Submit Via Film Freeway
  • Pre-Selection: The Clones Film Festival Pre-screening Short Film Subcommittee watch every film submitted in comfortable studio settings and discuss the qualities of every film. We are challenged with pre-selecting the films for the judges to watch as currently all afternoons are only six hours long, and last year 20 hours of short films were submitted for selection. Do the sums. 
  • Judging: the final Short Film Competition is judged on the Sunday afternoon of the Film festival. We choose 3 "In The Biz" judges.
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