So..... The gauntlet has been thrown down.

And, the Show MUST go on

We must come up with a socially distant Film Festival.....how could we do such a thing and retain our crown of the friendliest festival in the world? . . . . This is where we would put in some smartass quip about endless meetings. . .  hair pulling and espresso binges. . . but that too must cease. . . our meetings will be from afar...we're all Zoomed up now....

Plan A and Plan B 

Currently we have decided to endeavour to carry on as close to our usual programme of events with a box office, 3 screens, Festival club - observing social distance requirements. Should a resurgence of Covid 19 occur we will apply PLAN B. (There is a Plan B)  SO!, know that we will keep you entertained this October Bank Holiday Weekend. The films will still go on, somehow.

Keep the Competition Going

We are still running our Short Film Competition and the Film Commission. Due to Covid-19 regulations, a review of this competition will take place closer to the deadlines outlines below. All entrants will be updated as decisions are made. More information here


Soliciting a savvy social sharing scheme

We all know that word of mouth is the very best form of recommendation. People take you at your word and go with that advice. We want to enjoy the benefit of the glowing recommendations we have heard so many of you say, so please take a few minutes to share those utterances with your friends. 

  • WHAT WILL ‘SHARING’ DO FOR CLONES FILM FESTIVAL? Simply put, if we can keep our promotional cost to a minimum, this enables our team to bring our audiences more films. We hear you say "WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP?" Well, we're glad you asked, as simply "LIKING" is not enough. Here's a list of things that you could do to help:
  • Share our Facebook entries on your timeline
  • Comment on our Facebook entries
  • Mention a friend’s Facebook name if you think they might be interested in a comment or a film
  • Share Clones Film Festival’s website by copying and pasting the following URL: http://www.clonesfilmfestival.com/ in your "Facebook status"
  • Go on, go ahead - just "Like" something on our Facebook page Did we mention the importance of "Sharing"?

This year we have added a ticket purchasing facility to our website.  This means that you will be able to "Share" a screening you would like to go to with a friend and they too can buy a ticket. Or if you see a listing for a film that a friend was talking about, then go ahead, SHARE it with them. We're guessing that if you've read this far, you realise that our general wish is that you "share" our stuff.


Permitted Quotations

Spoken in the heat of the moment.

Get in Touch!

Email: info@clonesfilmfestival.com
Website: www.clonesfilmfestival.com

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