The Clone Film Festival Poster 2014

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Clones Film Festival - Oct 23rd-26th

Logo4 days of film - features, shorts, documentaries, kids' movies

Well Hello all, Yes, we're back. This year at Clones Film Festival we offer the usual, and yet...MORE. We will still be focusing on films that you would not be seeing in the local commoner garden Super-Mc-Omni-Trek cinema. Our Team has been out and about and will continue to research the titles that will be shown, and we trust, as always, they will choose wisely. We will document the strange, we will ponder the literate, we will translate the foreign, we will thrill with shorts, and as always, entertain the kids. It is rumoured that there will be a small elite food clique, with specialty food films, food guests, and yes you've guessed it . . . food.  I don't know where I heard that, maybe it's just time I had some lunch.

48 hour Film Challange48hr Short Film Challenge

This year we are hopefully upping the ante, we are in final negotiations with WINDMILL LANE RECORDING ...(yes we did mean to SHOUT that)... who are planning to offer a Full Day of post production services in their Digital Studios for the winner of the Francie Award. When we have more detail of exactly WHAT that means we will inform all concerned. There is still a little time to apply. As usual we will Sponsor 5 contestant teams €400 to participate and we have not chosen the final five yet. Closing date for entrants is September 30th 2014. Contact for more information

Festival Club Nightly

Clones Film Festival Promo 2014

We know that the world does not spin on film (or does it?) so every night the Clones Film Festival will be having Live Music preformed by LIVE People in Adamsons Bar. A wind down for staff, a wind up for everyone, we all had great craic last year. Click The Youtube video to the right to get a wee flavour of the goings on....